Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (full list as for 11 March 2010)

Prime Minister – Mykola AZAROV

First Vice Prime Minister – Andriy KLUEV

Vice Prime Minister (for Euro-2012) – Borys KOLESNIKOV

Vice Prime Minister (for Defense) – Volodymyr SYVKOVYTCH

Vice Prime Minister (for Humanitarian Questions) – Volodymyr SEMYNOZHENKO

Vice Prime Minister (on Agricultural Policy) – Viktor SLAUTA

Vice Prime Minister (Economy) – Sergiy TIGIPKO

Vice Prime Minister (for Regional Politics) – Viktor TYKHONOV

Minister for Foreign Affairs – Kostyantyn GRYSHCHENKO

Minister of Defence – Mykhaylo EZHEL

Minister of Economics – Vasyl TSUSHKO

Minister of Finance – Fedir YAROSHENKO

Minister of Justice – Oleksandr LAVRYNOVYCH

Minister of the Interior – Anatoliy MOHYLIOV

Minister of Emergencies and Affairs for Population Protection of the Population from the Consequences of Chornobyl Catastrophe – Nestor SHUFRYCH

Minister of Fuel and Energy – Yuriy BOYKO

Minister of Transport and Communications – Kostyantyn EFIMENKO

Minister of Coal Industry – Yuriy YASHCHENKO

Minister for Regional Development and Construction – Volodymyr YATSUBA

Minister of Industrial Policy – Dmytro KOLESNIKOV

Minister of Agrarian Policy – Mykola PRYSYAZHNIUK

Minister of Housing and Communal Services – Oleksandr POPOV

Minister of Education and Science – Dmytro TABACHNYK

Minister of Culture and Tourism – Mykhaylo KULINYAKA

Minister of Environmental Protection – Viktor BOYKO

Minister for Family, Youth and Sport – Ravil SAFFIULIN

Minister of Labor and Social Policy – Vasyl NADRAHA

Minister of Health – Zynoviy MYTNYK

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers – Anatoliy TOLSTOUKHOV

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sonicsonia said...


I just wanted to thank you for all you effort with this blog! For me, that does not understand ukrainian completly it is essential to be able to read your blog. Are your intension to write a presentation of all everybody in the cabinet? I am very curious about Mykhaylo KULINYAKA and Dmytro TABACHNYK since it is in my filed. so to speak :)

take care!
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Sophie Engström