Monday, November 2, 2009

Oleh Tiahnybok (Oleg Tyagnybok): official biography

41 y. o. Politician, Chairman of the “All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” (ukr. Freedom)” political party. Candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine in 2010.

Family and childhood:
Born on 17.11.1968 in Lviv (Ukraine) in a medical family. His grandfather, Ukrainian priest, was deported to Siberia for his convictions.
Married with 3 children (two daughters and son). Wife – Olga – doctor-epidemiologist.

Education and Academic background:
1993 – graduated from Lviv State Medical Institute, surgeon.
1999 – graduated from Ivan Franko Lviv State University, lawyer.

Work Experience and Political Life:
1989 – 1990 – nurse at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, First Surgery Department.
1990 – December 1991 – paramedic at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, Neurosurgery Department.
February 1990 – December 1991 – Head of the Medical Institute chapter of Students’ Brotherhood of Lviv.
Since 1991 – member of the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine.
1992 – 1995 – Head of the Students’ Brotherhood of Lviv. Member and co-Head of famous students’ hunger strikes of 1990 and 1992.
1993 – 1996 – internship training at the Urological and First Surgery Department at the Lviv City Clinical Emergency Hospital.
1994 – 1998 – Member of the Lviv Regional Council.
May 1995 – March 1999 – envoy of the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine on organizational work.
Since 1997 – Head of the Lviv Regional Organization of the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine.
1998 – elected as a Member of Parliament of Ukraine, 3rd convocation (Lviv region, by the majority voting system). Member of Budget Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine.
2002 – 2006 – Member of Parliament of Ukraine of 4th convocation (Lviv region, majority voting system).
July 2004 – expelled from the “Our Ukraine” faction of Viktor Yushchenko “for anti-Semitic and xenophobic statements”.
Since February 2004 – Chairman of the political party All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”.

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