Friday, September 11, 2009

Sergey Tigipko: official biography

50 years old. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine (since 11 March 2010). Successful businessman, banker. Candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine ('number 3' in the 1st round - 13.05% of votes). In 2004 – Head of the Presidential campaign headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych.

Family and childhood:
Born on 13.02.1960 in village Dragoneshty of the Lazovsky district of Moldova. Married. Has 4 children.

Education and Academic background:
1982 – graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute; specialization – engineer metallurgist.
Doctor of Economics.

Languages spoken:
Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Work Experience and Political Life:
1982 – 1984 – Military service in Soviet Army, tank forces.
Since 1984 – Deputy Director of Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Secondary Technical School for Studies and Pedagogical Work.
1986 – Head of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation of Dnipropetrovsk Komsomol (Young Communist League)Regional Committee.
1989 – First Secretary of Dnipropetrovsk Komsomol Regional Committee.
1991 – Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Dnipro commercial bank.1992 - Chairman of the Management Board of the PrivatBank.
1994 – 1997 – Outside Consultant to the President of Ukraine (Leonid Kuchma) for Monetary Policy.
1997 – Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine for Economy.
1997-2001 – Deputy Head of the State Commission for the Administrative Reform of Ukraine, member of the Supreme Economic Council of the President of Ukraine.
1999 – Minister of Economy of Ukraine.
2000 – Member of Parliament of Ukraine.
2002 – Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine.
2005 - Chairman of the Management Board of the TAS Financial Industrial Group.
Since 2007 - Chairman of the Management Board of the LLC Svedbank (ex-TAS-CommerceBank).
2008 – Outside Councilor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, co-Chair of the Council of Investors at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
On 16 June 2009 left all the business positions, and concentrated on his political activities.
Since 11 March 2010 - Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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