Saturday, October 25, 2008

Petro Symonenko: official biography

57 years old. The leader (First Secretary) of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
Member of the Soviet Communist Party since 1978, party chairman since 1993. The Chairman of the Communist Party Faction in Parliament of Ukraine. Candidate for the Presidential race of 2010.

Family and childhood:
1 August 1952 – born in Donetsk. Father, Mykola – tractor driver, mother, Maria – nurse in hospital.

Marital status:
Married. Has two sons, grandson and granddaughter.

1974 – graduated (with a distinction as a best student) from the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute as an mining engineer-electrician.
1987-1991 – studied at the Kiev Political Science Institute, graduated.

Work Experience and Political Life:
1974-1975 – engineer-constructor in “Donuglemash” project institute.
From 1975 – activist of the Soviet youth movement Komsomol in Ukraine (LKSMU). Instructor, head of Department of Donetsk City Committee of Komsomol.
From 1978 – member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1982-1988 – the Secretary of the Central Committee of the LKSMU.
January 1988 – August 1991 – served in a Communist Party apparatus as a Secretary of Mariupol (Donetsk region) City Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Secretary of Donetsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
1991-1993 – after the prohibition of the Communist Party in Ukraine worked as a Deputy Director of “Ukruglemash” (Ukrainian cool mining machines) corporation.
June 1993 – elected as a first Secretary of Central Committee of the renewed Communist Party of Ukraine.
March 1994 – elected as a member of Parliament of Ukraine by majority vote from the Chervonoarmijsk district No 150.
1999 – took part in the Presidential elections and lost to Leonid Kuchma at the second round of election with 37.8% of votes.
2004 – lost at the Presidential elections with only 5% of the votes and fourth place in a first electoral round.
September 2007 – re-elected to the Parliament of Ukraine of 6th convocation.

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